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Stock Exchange Trainer Kabutore, Purchase Kojima’s Game and get 4179 Yen Cash Back

Kojima’s (responsible for the Boktai and Metal Gear Solid series) stock trading training software, “Kabushiki Baibai Trainer Kabutore” goes on sale today in Japan.

As part of a promotion campaign, those who purchase the game between December 14th 2006 ~ June 30th 2007 gets a free “Perfect Beginner’s Guide to Stock Exchange on the Internet” guide book. Included in this book is a voucher that will give you 4179 Yen cash back (the cost of the game) when you open up an online account with Monex and deposit 50,000 Yen or more.


Featuring real live data from recorded at the Tokyo Stock Exchange between 2001~2005, there are four modes you can enjoy.

Market Speculation Mode
Challenges you with up to 300 different questions asking you to predict what will happen to the stock market.

Screen 1

Lecture Mode
Teaches the beginner the basics of stock market exchange needed to play the game using five different scenarios.

Screen 2

Story Mode
Set in “Kabu Club”, your must carry out the goals given to you as you travel around the square spaces. You must also try to increasing the 3 million Yen you start off with as much as possible within 3 months.

Screen 3

Expert Mode
This is where you can concentrate on the stock trading sim.

Now I wonder what other trainers they’ll be able to come up with next.

Screen 4


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