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Falcom Seasonal Wallpapers, Meet Santa “Claws”!

Yup, it’s close to that time of the year again and Falcom’s put up some Christmas themed wallpapers for us fans. I like the Santa “Claws” one featuring characters from Ys Origin!

Bonus Item
Bonus disc on the right.
Left is the FC story book that came free with ED6:SC standalone version.

On another note, they’re still hinting about “that” in their recent newsletter… I wonder what it is. The last time they mentioned a mysterious bonus item was with “Legend of Heroes VI: Sora no Kiseki Second Chapter” and it turned out to be a theme song disc in a slim DVD case. Maybe it’ll be a soundtrack disc for Ys Origin this time which will be cool to have!

Wall 5
I guess Santa “Claws” got tired of using the chimney!

Wall 1
Featuring the Twin Goddesses and Yunica from “Ys Origin”.

Wall 2
Estelle and Anelace from “Legend of Heroes VI”.

Wall 3
Shal from Zanadu Next.

Wall 4
All the characters from Gurumin.


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