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P-Kara, Karaoke on your PSP this Week

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Packed along with a free headset, P-Kara which gets released December 12th contains 20 songs for you to sing along to. If you’re willing to pay a monthly subscription fee of 840 Yen, you’ll also have access to a selection of 3000 different songs that you can stream to your PSP. Pay 105 Yen and you can download the song to your PSP too.

There are basically two main modes to the game. One is a “P-Kara Lesson” mode which helps the player pick out parts of a song they performed poorly in by using a graph and giving advice. The second is the “P-Kara Challenge” mode which allows the player to earn a score after each song and also register to compete in the online rankings (online service members only).

Members of the online service will also be able to play “Guess the Tune Quiz” and a “Rhythm Game” which is (as you’ll probably have guessed), time your button presses to the music.

The UMD songs are as follows:

  1. Kibun Joujou?? (minimaru GT)
  3. Ketsui no Asa ni (Aqua Timez, featured in “Brave Story” movie)
  4. Konayuki (Remioromen)
  5. Sakura (Kobukuro)
  6. Sakura (Ketsumeishi)
  7. Sakurazaka (Masaharu Fukuyama)
  8. Sakuranbo (Ai Ootsuka)
  9. Sumirega (Nokaze Shounan)
  10. Story (AI)
  11. Chiisana Koi no Uta (MONGOL 800)
  12. Cherry (Spitz)
  14. Butterfly (Koda Kumi)
  15. Hana (Orange Range)
  16. Hanamizuki (Yo Hitoto)
  17. fragile (Every Little Thing)
  18. Precious (Yuna Itou)
  19. POP STAR (Ken Hirai)
  20. Real Face (KAT-TUN)

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Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 5

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