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Sekaiju no Meikyuu, Recruiting your Members at the Guild

In Etrian Odyssey you will freely be able to choose your member’s name, class and graphic used when you register them at the guild. Checkout the second scan to see the avatars available to use for swordsman, ranger and paladin classes.

Under the “Party Editing” options you can choose them to be in the front or back lines while the “Adventurers Management” system gives you the three options retire, rest or erase. Retiring means you send an adventurer away and a new character will come along, rest will allow you to re-allocate skill points at the expense of losing 10 levels and erase will remove a character for good.

Scan 1

There’s also a quick reminder of FOEs (Field on Enemy) who are always moving around on the maps. For every turn you use in battles they crawl closer to your party so spending too much time in battle could find yourself being surrounded and fighting extra enemies in battle!

“Boost” Command
Using this you can increase the effectiveness of your skills but it’s not revealed when this command can be initiated.

Scan 2

You can enjoy the Japanese version of this Atlus dungeon crawler on January 18th 2007. Sounding good and the boxart’s cute too!


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