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It’s a Wonderful World, The Death God Game and Combo Card System

Neku receives a message from people who go by the name of “Death God” claiming that if he doesn’t do what he is told, he will be killed. Neku and Shiki only has 7 days to carry out their demands.

One of the Death God members have been revealed and it turns out to be a lady in high boots.

Scan 1

Scan 2

The Missions
So, one of the missions is to find a loyal dog named Hachi… To do so, you must enter the thoughts of people using the power of the Skull Badge. If the badge appears on anyone that you talk to in the crowd, you can delve into their minds to find the information you need but, don’t forget about the Noise battles!

Scan 3

Combo Card System
Well, we had a rough idea of how the card system worked last time. This time it’s revealed that once you have the 3 matching cards, you can tap the star icon to unleash a deadly combo!

Scan 4

Game is due sometime in 2007 and if you’re interested, 4 lucky winners out of a draw can win that “Wonderful World” tote bag.

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