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FFXII: Revenant Wings, Battle System and the Egul Race

The name given to the floating land of Bluvalma and its surrounding islands. Raised into the skies by the God, Falsanos the land is ruled by a magical stone known as the “Sacred Crystal”. Due to the barrier formed around this world, no one has ever seen the place with their own eyes thus, the air pirates speak of it as the “Legend of the Floating Land”.

Scan 1

Scan 2

The Legendary Winged Tribe
Living a thrifty life within the ruins of the once prosperous Remless are the Egul. These people have no conflicts amongst themselves but their are a few who do have their own dreams and ambitions. No bigger than a Hume, the Egul have a lifespan of 40 years but due to the wings they must sustain not many live to an old age.

The Distant Grebados
While heading to the dormant land of Grebados in search of hidden treasure, Vaan and his friends end up heading to the great floating land of Remless.

The Battle System
It seems the battles will work similarly to FFXII’s Active Dimension Battle except they’ve left out the target lines. As Vaan and his friends come across enemies, battles will be initiated and the party members will start attacking the enemy automatically. It’s then up to you to give them commands by tapping on the member you wish to command. You can then change their target, gambit, use moves or spells etc. Area spells can be cast by drawing a rectangle around the enemy with your stylus.

Scan 3

The Mysterious Young Man
Due to his great curiosity, this young Egul warrior meets the strangers, Vaan and Penelo.

Scan 4

No release date set yet.


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