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A Classic Returns, EA Has Announced Theme Park for the DS

Pic 1

Both a Japanese version and an English version of Bullfrog’s classic “Theme Park” is coming to the DS! I used to play this so much on my first PC, a Pentium 75MHz, 32MB RAM and 850MB HD…

Pic 2

The original game was made back in 1994 and as you’ll have guessed from the title, allows you build a theme park while competing with other invisible competitors. The game just went on and on until you became bankrupt and you could also try your hand at shares. Only thing you couldn’t do was take a ride yourself which the later 3D remake allowed you to do.

Pic 3

I really hope they bring their other classic “Theme Hospital” over to the DS too because it was great! Running a hospital, covering epidemics and watching people walk around with the bloaty head illness. Another great classic!

Visit the German “GameFront” site for some English screenshots for this game.


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