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Ys Origin, Demo Discs and Sample Music

Music Sample

Music samples from the Falcom’s latest Ys title, “Ys Origin” is now up! The following tracks are available for download:

  1. The Guidance of a White Tower
  2. Water Prison
  3. Oboro
  4. Movement of Wicked Energy
  5. Tower of the Shadow of Death
  6. Scars of the Divine Wing
  7. Prologue -Ys Origin-

The “Tower of the Shadow” track reminds of Bowser’s theme song from Super Mario Bros! Other than that, the tracks sound pretty good so far. I like the soothing “White Tower” and “Prologue” track!

Screen 1

And once again, Falcom is handing out another goody pack to promote their products. Apart from an “Entry Book” for Ys Origin and a demo CD full of videos, they’re also handing out a “Heart Warmer” to keep you cosy for the winter.

Hmmm…. Doubt they’ll put this in with the game!

The latest newsletter also hints that the Falcom Mail Order Department has also prepared something to thank customers for their support although they haven’t revealed what! Fans like me will have to wait and see what “it” is when the game goes on sale and it’s definitely not the Heart Warmer.







I’ve already put in my pre-order with them and hope it reaches me before Christmas day.

Screen 2


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