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Lifesigns, Kenshuui Tendo Dokuta 2 is to Get An English Release


Quote from Game Press…

Liezen, Austria, 29. November 2006; Allerts, Bluelights and bloody excorations – humanity need the gods in white. JoWooD Productions makes you become a lifeguard! In Lifesigns for Nintendo DS it’s up to you if you save lives, each second is important – the emergency room is waiting for you!

As a young, motivated doctor you get to know the daily hospital life. Experience exciting hours in the emergency room, save lifes and practice dangerous surgeries. Be a comfort to your patient and a friend for your colleagues. Like in the most famous TV soaps, you will start your career as an assistant doctor and become after a hard school the chief physician of the hospital. But be aware that every action has it’s reaction and your actions could be the decision of life of dead.

“Lifesigns for Nintendo DS takes part of all Nintendo DS features and we are really proud to publish such an innnovative gameconcept on the successful Nintendo DS. This is for JoWooD the perfect possibility to have a good start on the DS console”, explains Petra Gangl, Marketing Manager JoWooD Productions. Lifesigns will be released in first quarter 2007 for Nintendo DS!

No news for the first game I’m afraid. I played through both games and it’s safe to say that neither of them are really Trauma Centre games but the first did get released before it so it’s not a rip-off.

Screen 1

The first game is really more of the traditional text based adventure game than an operation one. Most of the time you’re just going around speaking with people and the operations are really tiresome. You’re always guessing where it is that you have to operate. Second game was better with some improvements in the operations and also a bundle of mini games to play.

Screen 2

On the other hand, the story’s interesting. I don’t see how they could jump right into the second game without translating the first but, I’m guessing they think the summary shown at the start of the sequel is good enough…

Have a browse around the original Japanese site for a demo of the operation parts of the game!

Screen 3


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