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DJMax Portable 2 Announced, Over 150 Songs!

Image 1

Not much details on this sequel yet but word is that there will be 60 new original playable songs and over 150 songs that you can listen to in OST Mode. In the first game, all the songs that you can listen to in this music player mode are all playable so I won’t be surprised if it’s the same in this sequel. Now that would be a tonne of gameplay time!

Image 2

There’s a new mode named “New Key” although it isn’t known what it’s about yet and, the game is planned for sometime this winter. The last game took about 10 months before the international version of the game was released so maybe we’ll get an English version of this sequel by say summer? Hopefully.

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

I’m still playing the first game everyday and have around another 10 songs to unlock. The game’s like Ouendan now – once you start playing it, it’s hard to stop! Still playing on 4 button mode because I’m having a few tiny problems with the level 10 songs but I’ll get there.

Favourite tracks so far have to be…
Ask the Wind (Opening)
Memory of Beach
End of the Moonlight
Luv Flow
Ray of Illuminati
Save My Dream
Sunny Side
Long Vacation
Can We Talk
Funky Chups
Every Morning

It’s the Korean “boom” in Asia just now so I wasn’t surprised to find a Japanese version of the op in OST Mode. Too bad you can hardly make out the words and the singer’s singing it all with Korean pronunciation!

Anyway, you can be sure I’ll be picking this new game up when the international version’s out! My Korean’s not that good yet so I just have to wait… Not to mention they’ll probably add extra content!


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