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Ys Origin, Site Updated with New Demo Movie and More Info

Ys Origin Trailer

If I didn’t look closer at this picture I would have thought Falcom decided to draw characters with giant heads and hunched backs…

Anyway, checkout the download section for the new high quality movie trailer which has really been up since last week. Still looking good as ever.

New and Old Characters

They’ve revealed the twin goddesses Feena and Reah when they were much younger and two new enemy characters, Kishgal and Epona.

I’m tempted to pre-order this with Falcom (you can mail them in English) just because it’s “Ys Origin” but with EMS being the only shipping option at 13, it’s going to cost me 46 in total for the game… Ack, decisions!

If I do order it, I hope they send me the promotional goody pack just like they did when I ordered the VM Japan game :P


Oh, and the first 300 people in Japan who pre-order with the Asobit store in Akiba will get a free ticket to see the Falcom Live 2007 concert held March 24th. Talk about promotion!

The concert will feature all the popular Falcom game songs and it’s going to be the 20th anniversary for Ys next year.


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