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Boktai DS, Official Site Unlockables and Wi-Fi Rare Items


Apart from a newly added screensaver, players can now enter passwords at the site for some wallpaper goodies. These passwords can be obtained once you’ve completed the game.


Also, various items have been distributed via the Wi-Fi system since the day the game went on sale and continues even now. The schedule for this month is…

11/22, Yellow Orb (??)
11/23, Emerald Orb (??)
11/24, Azure Orb (??)
11/25, Crimson Orb (??)
11/26, World Card (???????)
11/27, Delicious Meat (?????)
11/28, Magical Drink (????????)
11/29, Delicious Meat (?????)
11/30, Magical Drink (????????)

Items are being distributed via “Sheridan’s Mansion (???????)” and there is still time for any requests you might have. To receive items via the in-game mail, just follow the instructions on this page. You can only receive one item per day.

So far, it’s all common items but in January next year, you’ll be able to download some “super rare” items according to the site.

Now I wonder if they’ll do something like this for the English version, “Lunar Knights”…


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