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New Rainbow Islands Hurdy Gurdy Bouken, A Remake

From Marvellous Interactive, Taito’s Rainbow Islands is getting a new 3D remake on the PSP. Spanning seven islands and one central last island, players must make their way through three different layers on each island onto the inner Moving Plate.

Screencap 1

As a weapon, players make use of a rainbow instrument and a resonator to create Rainbow Wheels by spinning the analogue pad round and round until a meter reaches max.

Screencap 2

The story tells of how the Million Records company is producing cheap electronic music and in another place, song writers were being forced to write boring songs 24 hours. This soulless music is having a disastrous effect on the Rainbow Islands ecosystem causing trees to wither, abnormal changes in insects and gravity to be messed up. Now it’s up to Bobby and Happy to save the day!

Game is slotted for 2007 February.

Screencap 3

Screencap 4

Screencap 5

Screencap 6

Screencap 7

Screencap 8

Screencap 9


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