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Dead or Alive 10th Anniversary & DOAX2 Commemoration Event

Yes, this month will be the “Dead or Alive” series 10th anniversary with the release of “Dead or Alive 4” for the Xbox 360. Now with the upcoming “DoA Xtreme 2”, a commemoration event will be held in Akiba this Thursday. The top 3 winners of the Beach Volley Time Attack contest can win themselves some goodies featuring the characters from the game.


First Prize:
Full figure cardboard stand and a Kasumi seat cushion, bead cushion, face towel, and Ayane face towel.

Second Prize:
Kasumi bead cushion, Kasumi face towel and Ayane face towel.

Third Prize:
Kasumi face towel and Ayane face towel.

Softmap promotional poster (Kasumi), LaOX Asobit Game City Hitomi face towel, Messeh Sanoh promotional poster (Lei Fang).

And to help promote the new beach ball game, Famitsu’s been posting up some nice pics of the girls up until today with a total of over 100 images…


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