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Disgaea Portable, Extra Stage, Soundtracks and Clear File Folders

The PSP version of the popular SRPG that goes on sale towards the end of the month, November 30th will contain an extra stage. Featuring the protagonists Adell and Rozalin as boss characters, it tells of a different story where you challenge the Dark Assembly room’s approval.


Also new in the PSP version is a records room where you can find out all kinds of stats such as the total number of items you’ve collected. There’s also a monster encyclopaedia and a music room.

Screen 1

Screen 2

Screen 3

There will be two separate versions of the game available – a limited and a normal edition. Those who buy the limited edition will have a different boxart (shown above), a 2 CD soundtrack and a DVD that allows you to explore the world of Disgaea outside of the game.


That’s not all! Anyone who pre-orders either version of the games get two clear file folders that feature Etna and Flon on them.

File Folders


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