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Kabu Trader Shun, Can you be the Ultimate Stock Trader?

I’m sure you know the Japanese can just about turn anything into a game by now (look at Wario Ware) and the latest subject they seem to be taking on is the exciting world of shares or stock exchange.


While “Kabu Trader Shun” doesn’t take on as serious a tone as Kojima’s simulator (the guy behind MGS), it is based on the same subject.


The story tells of how Shun’s father Ippei, a successful investor in the stock market, pays most of his profits to charities. But one day, his father goes bankrupt because of a certain character and he disappears. Five years later, Shun joins Narasaki, a former student of his father to learn the ways of stock trading and the story begins.

Screenshot 1

Each in-game day lasts for 5 seconds and stock values will change accordingly.

Screenshot 2

Being an adventure game, you’ll be travelling around speaking to people and gathering information. For “Solo Trades” you have to gain a certain amount of profit over a period of months. “Versus Trade” has you playing against the CPU while abiding to a set of rules and by gaining profits, you can inflict some mental damage on your opponent. Players will have “Trading Arts” to help them gain the upper advantage too.

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

Screenshot 5

Screenshot 6


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