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DJMax Online and Ouendan Gameplay

Just had a shot at the free online version of DJMax just to get an idea of what the game was like. From what I read of the DJMax Portable version, it sounded like a fun game and looked great too but I wasn’t going to order it until I tried it out first.

DJMax Online

Admittedly, I felt a bit like a zombie at first after all the Ouendan I’ve played. The songs in DJM are great and I could feel the rhythm going but, it was weird staring at that box at the side and trying to time the button presses right. With Ouendan, I have my hand flying literally everywhere on the screen! So yeah, it was a little odd getting used to playing rhythm games with buttons again.

Screen 1
Title Screen

DJMax is a fun rhythm game but I think the Anime style music videos are a little mixed in quality… at least in this online version. There’s little to no animation at all and the drawings lack a bit of refinement in some cases, looking as if they were just roughly sketched out. Yes, most of the time you’ll be looking at the music box anyway but since you have the option to actually view these music videos alone, they might as well have put some more time into it. In any case, I might actually buy the portable PSP game just for the music and gameplay value alone!

Screen 2
Ouendan has your stylus flying all over the place tapping circles in time.

Speaking of imports, I’m running out of choices thanks to Sony forcing Lik-sang.com to close down their shutters! Now their store’s going to close and Play-asia.com is refusing is to dispatch PSP games to Europe >:(

Screen 3
Plenty of modes to tryout.

You can register and tryout this online version of DJMax for free. It’s about 160MB to download and makes use of IE ActiveX to launch itself. Not sure how close the features are to the PSP version but, there’s quite a lot to try out.

Screen 4
…And songs too. You have to pay for Premium songs, though.

Screen 5
“Ray of Illuminati” has Gundam written all over it.

Screen 6
Just take a look at the outfits and mass space fights.

Screen 7
Well, I only played this for a few minutes you know.

Screen 8
Yay, I levelled up. Now I can watch the music videos without playing.


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