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Jeanne D’arc, A World Split in Two

Long long ago, a Demon King was planning to take over the human world with his army. Humans fought fiercely and the battle was known as the “Death God Battle”. In the end, 5 human heroes created a bracelet that sealed the Demon King and victory was achieved by the humans…

Time flows by and now it’s the 15th century. Within the battle between England and France for territory, the legend of a saint with a shining bracelet is born.

Scan 1

Fighting on France’s side is Jeanne D’arc, Gilles de Rais, Leanne, La-Eel and Roger. On England’s side, we have the characters introduced last time.

Scan 2

Looking good! With such a Westernised story I’m sure it’ll make it to the West one day.


2 Responses

  1. When I first saw the pictures of him, I was wondering if that was Gilles de Rais. But it’s weird that they would put someone like that in a game, who was basically a serial killer.

  2. Really? Well, that seems to be him alright since the description says he’s Jeanne D’arc’s “aide” or probably brother-in-arms. I guess we’ll find out his role in the story when it comes out next month :)

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