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A Mix of Other DS Titles

And here’s a list of DS titles that Famitsu’s given less attention to.


Keroro Gunsou Enshuu da yo! Zenin Shuugou Part 2! (Working Title)
“It’s Practice Time, Froggy Sergeants! Gather Together Part 2

A whole bundle of mini games to play with your favourite Keroro Gunsou characters.

Cinnamon, O-Hanshi Shiyo! Kirakira de Kore Cafe
Lets talk, Cinnamon! The Sparkling Kore Cafe

Run a cafe together with Cinnamon and create menus!

Otogi Juushi, Akazukin
Fairy Musketeers: The Little Red Riding Hood

Based on an Anime show of the same name, you can obtain new items such as clothing and accessories as you solve puzzles.

Official Site

Simple Series DS Vol. 12, The Party Unou Size
Simple Series DS Vol. 12, The Party Right Brain Size

Aimed at stimulating the right side of your brain, there are a total of 40 different questions to tease you with. 4 player mode is supported.

Dekita yo, Mama! Onna no Ko / Otoko no Ko
I’ve done it, Mama! Boy/Girl Version

A collection of mini games aimed at young children.

Official Site


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