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Ryoukiki no Susume, Train to Use both your Left and Right Hands

That’s the idea the title gives you but, the developers claim that by using the your non-dominant hand the exercises can help make your brain more active too. Kind of makes sense since your left part of the brain controls your right part of the body and vice-versa…

There are 6 game modes; Right/Left Hand Exercise, Balance Check, Left v Right Hand, Profile, Versus Mode and Demo. Interface resembles Brain Age, doesn’t it?

Scan 1

There are five levels of exercises for your hands. On the level 1 exercises here there’s touch the lit up square, make all shapes disappear and hammer open the rock. For level 2, there’s a music note exercise where you have to tap the notes when a moving bar passes over them and, a space invaders style sort of game where you have to tap the aliens as they appear in the gaps. Level 4 you have to guide the blue ball around to collect the stars without hitting the red dots.

Title is 35% complete and is scheduled for December from Taito.


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