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Monster Hunter Portable 2nd, More Monsters Revealed!

I haven’t played the first game yet but I should get my copy tomorrow morning from Play.com.

Joining the beastiary this time is Ilyanngaruruga, a fierce monster known as the “Black Hunting Bird” with its tough skin most weapons. It can use “Bind Voice” to paralyse your character and shoot fireballs at some blazing speeds.

Then there’s Dosgianos, the boss of all Gianos with a much larger body. Just like the Gianos, it has an icy breathe that can turn you into a snowman, hampering your movement.

Scan 1

Next up is Teo Teskatol, an ancient male dragon known as the “Dragon King of Flames”. With it’s high temperature body, you’ll find your HP dropping fast if you try touching it. Spreading some explosive dust particles around it, you could find yourself blown away when it creates sparks with its fangs. Nana Teskatori is another fire controlling ancient dragon who has similar abilities it seems.

Scan 2

Other monsters confirmed to appear is the desert loving Daimyouzazami with its powerful scissors, Papaconga who attacks with its belly, the charging Dosfango and the somersaulting Rioreia.

Game is scheduled for a release in 2007 February.


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