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Jeanne D’Arc, Evil Henry VI and Free Battles

Just look at his eyes! Anyway, in this iteration of the true story, Henry VI became the King of England at the age of six and commanded a hoard of demons, he aims to take over France. Now it’s up to Jeanne, who inherits a myterious bracelet, to rise up against this invasion in this SRPG!

Once you complete the main events, you can travel around the world map fighting enemies, gathering XP and strengthening up your units. Enemies can also drop “Skill Stones”.

Scan 1

…Or maybe, he’s actually being controlled by the equally evil looking regent Bedford.

This time round we’re introduced to the Elven Beatrice who makes use of a bow for long range attacks. Two of her skills is “Tenku no Ya (Heavenly Arrows)” which showers your enemies from above with arrows engulfed in light and, “Kantsuugeki (Piercing Shot)” which shoots right through the front line enemies damaging those at the back too.

Scan 2

As a bonus item with the game, you get a free ring notebook. Game is scheduled for 22nd November from Sony Entertainment.

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