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It’s a Wonderful World, Story and Gameplay

Featuring Neku Sakuraba and Shiki Misaki, “It’s a Wonderful World” tells of how Neku notices that something’s odd about himself one day during his everyday life in Shibuya…

Scan 1

Neku then finds out about an organisation called “Shinigami” who demands he does something for them. If he fails to do carry out what he is told, his existence would be erased. In this demon game, Neku only has 7 days to fulfill his mission.

Scan 2

To find out what to do next, you make use of Neku’s psychic powers to read people’s minds. Using the touch screen you can tap on the minds of people to learn new info.

Battles take place on two screens as mentioned before. Arrows appear on the top screen and as you can see will have 3 paths you can take midway. At the end of these paths are symbols that will affect what will appear on your cards. By creating 3 cards with the same symbol, you can perform specials.

Scan 3

During boss fights, what you do on the top screen affects what happens on the lower screen. In the screenshot here, killing spiders sheds light on the bottom screen.

Each character will have his/her own abilities and the greater your combos the powerful your attacks become. Also, how you make use of your stylus on the bottom screen can unleash different powers such as how long lines can create flames.

Game is scheduled for a release sometime in 2007.


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