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Dengeki Bunko, One More E-Book Title to the DS

The latest title to be added to the Dengeki Paperback collection coming to the DS is “Inukami” featuring full voice recording, scenario illustrations drawn by the original artist and the package will include a drama CD.

Scan 1

“Inukami” is about Keita who is born in family responsible for taming Inukamis (mythical Japanese spirits that appear in the form of a dog) and in this case, it’s Yoko. On the first day, she seems to be a nice cute looking and obedient Inukami but in actual fact, no one’s ever been able to control her. Keita has a rough time ahead of him.

Scan 2

Other titles appearing in Dengeki’s Paperback DS titles will be “Alison” and “Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu”. These e-book titles allow you to read the light novels on your DS and as you collect cards by tapping on keywords you can unlock mini games to play.

“Dengeki Bunko: Inukami” gets released on 7th December.


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