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Detective Evangelion, Murders in Tokyo-03!

Gainax isn’t going to stop producing any more Evangelion goods anytime soon it seems… “Meitantei Evangelion” from Brocolli is a PS2 adventure game where Shinji and the others investigate mysterious murders in Tokyo-03.

Nice word play… While the characters are still up against Angels (Shito, ??), this time they have to catch the Death Bringer (Shitou, ??) too.


Those who buy the Premium version of the game for 26,040 Yen gets a watch with the Nerv logo on it.


There’s also a Nerv magnifying glass for those who choose for the cheaper Special version for 8,190 Yen.

Magnifying Glass

And here’s some of the gruesome and strange screenshots.

Murder Scene
It’s a murder scene!

Murder Scene
Hmmm… Bowling Pin Angels?

Murder Scene
Ah, yes… Rei, everyone’s favourite Eva character. Not mine, mind you.

Murder Scene
What! Gendou murdered?!


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