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Final Fantasy III OST and Bonus DVD Impressions

Just had a listen to the FFIII DS OST which was released last Wednesday and it’s not bad. All the tracks are really too short though because most of them are just over a minute. I do like the opening tune, “Reminiscence of the Wind” and the Black Mages did a great remix of “The Final Battle” as usual. Two tracks isn’t enough to convince to buy this however… Unless it grows on me which I’m sure it will.


Apart from the CD that is comprised of 61 different tracks, there is also a bonus DVD containing the beautiful opening movie with 5.1ch/2ch sound, promotional trailers and a special interview “FINAL FANTASY III Anecdote” with executive producer Hiromichi Tanaka, Square-Enix staff Nobuo Uematsu, Tsuyoshi Sekito, Keiji Kawamori and Yasuhiro Yamanaka.

The 61 tracks are:

  1. Reminiscence of the Wind ~Legend of the Eternal Wind~
  2. Prelude
  3. The Cave Where the Crystal Lies
  4. Battle 1
  5. Victory
  6. Crystal Room
  7. Opening Theme
  8. Hometown of Ur
  9. Eternal Wind
  10. Jinn’s Curse
  11. Dungeon
  12. Return of the Hero
  13. Road to the Summit
  14. Tozas
  15. Nepto Shrine
  16. Sailing the Enterprise
  17. Living Forest
  18. Village of the Ancients
  19. Chocobo Theme
  20. Fat Chocobo Appears
  21. Tower of Owen
  22. Gysahl’s Veggies
  23. Hyne’s Castle
  24. Dangerous Short Music 1
  25. Dangerous Short Music 2
  26. Dangerous Short Music 3
  27. Battle 2
  28. Requiem
  29. Flying the Enterprise
  30. The Boundless Ocean
  31. Elia, the Maiden of Water
  32. Town of Amur
  33. Piano Practice 1
  34. Piano Practice 2
  35. Swift Twist
  36. Rest at the Inn
  37. A Comrade Joins
  38. A Comrade Leaves
  39. A Dancer’s Dance
  40. Item Get
  41. Garuda Defeated
  42. Theme of the Four Old Men
  43. The Hidden Village of Falgabard
  44. The Megalopolis of Salonia
  45. The Submarine Nautilus
  46. Underwater Temple
  47. Dorga and Unne’s Mansion
  48. Noah’s Lute
  49. Unne’s Exercises
  50. The Huge Battleship Invincible
  51. The Forbidden Land Eureka
  52. Crystal Tower
  53. The Dark Crystals
  54. The Final Battle -1-
  55. The Final Battle -2-
  56. The Final Battle -3-
  57. Ending Theme -1-
  58. Ending Theme -2-
  59. Ending Theme -3-
  60. Eternal Wind -.333 mix-
  61. The Final Battle -THE BLACK MAGES Ver.-

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