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FFXII Revenant Wings, TGS2006 Trailer and Official Site


The site’s open and there’s a trailer, wallpaper, character profiles and a short prologue to see. Turn on your speakers to hear that familiar Final Fantasy orchestral theme song!

Members only I’m afraid.

Trailer’s not available for viewing for non Square-Enix members. You’ll have to register with your e-mail address for free first before you can view it or, just visit Youtube.

The trailer’s only made up of pre-rendered video at the moment and no actual gameplay footage. The prologue is…

“This is a story of a time when airships flew the great skies,
when magic still existed as part of nature.”

“Far in the distant skies was a floating island (Bluvalma) where no one had ventured before.”

“Dreaming of this legend, a group of young people yearn to be air pirates.”

“The door to the vanishing memories that lead to the Treasure of Grebados opens.”

“Far in the distant skies… Lives the ones with wings and a forgotten land of the skies.”


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