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Lise no Atelier, Artwork Galore


Here’s a bundle of cute artwork from GameWatch for the upcoming alchemy game Lise no Atelier.

Main Pic
Shopping in town?

Artwork Artwork
Artwork Artwork

Lise (Princess Lisette Lander), 15 years old.

Artwork Artwork Artwork

Lolotte Stasille, 15 years old. Charming smile that attracts a lot of men.

Artwork Artwork Artwork

Alf Octrhein, 14 years old. Possesses an alchemist licence and aims to be the best alchemist there is.

Artwork Artwork Artwork

Eleore, 24 years old. Many mistaken him to be a girl.

Artwork Artwork Artwork

Eallie Mitter, 23 years old. A lady killer.

Artwork Artwork Artwork

Poin Stadt, 16 years old. Wishes to resurrect her dead fiance via alchemy.

Artwork Artwork

Coron and Wicky from the forest. Coron likes mimicking human speech and Wicky is a creature that doesn’t like paying attention to other’s advice.


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