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Ryuusei no Rockman, 20 Years of Megaman Games

Hmmm, its seems lots of game developers are having their anniversaries lately… But anyway.

As announced previously, “Ryuusei no Rockman” (Rockman of the Shooting Stars) will have 3 versions released on the same day. Today, GameWatch reveals they will be Ice Pegasus, Fire Leo and Green Dragon.

20th Anniversary

In the world of “Ryuusei no Rockman” exists 3 satellites in space known as Pegasus, Leo and Dragon and the inhabitants of the world all belong to one of them. After a certain event in the game, our protagonist Bal manages to borrow the power from the administrators of these satellites, giving him the ability to transform.

This new ability is known as “Star Force” and the 3 elemental forms are Ice Pegasus (Ice), Fire Leo (Fire) and Green Dragon (Wood). Basically you can only change into the form of the version you buy but, if you have a Brother, another player who has a different version, you can borrow his Star Force power too. As you would expect, each element will have their own weaknesses and by being attacked by a stronger Star Force, you’ll receive double the normal damage and your Star Force power will be cancelled.

Each transformation will also have their own special attack and power known as “Star Force Big Bang (SFB) that may help you turn around battle situations. SFBs can only be executed after certain conditions have been fulfilled.

Pegasus Version
Pegasus Rockman

Screen 1 Screen 2
Special “Ice Slash” freezes opponent but this SF is weak against Fire.
Screen 3 Screen 4
SFB “Magician’s Freeze” attacks enemies in the magic circle with countless icicles.

Leo Version
Leo Rockman

Screen 1 Screen 2
Special “Flame Burner” burns the enemy who are lined up in front of Rockman and this SF is weak to water..
Screen 3 Screen 4
SBF “Atomic Blazer” blows away the enemy leaving no traces behind.

Dragon Version
Dragon Rockman

Screen 1 Screen 2
Special “Windy Shoot” hits enemies in rows with sharp leaves. This SF is weak against electric attacks.
Screen 3 Screen 4
SBF “Elemental Cyclone” makes Rockman spin at high speed into a cyclone to attack the enemy.

The game will be released sometime December in Japan.


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