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Gyakuten Saiban 4, More Details Revealed

Taking place 7 years after PW3, we have a new attorney named Odoroki (“Surprise!”). The scans reveal Odoroki’s mentor Garyuu Kirihito, a cool headed attorney who handles cases with his perfect logic and encourages Odoroki with smiles.

At the TGS 2006, some hands on content will be available with a “TGS Special Court” ready to go on show.

Scan 1

The opening of the first case, “Gyakuten no Kirifuda (The Turn Over Trump Card)” shows an incident that happens in a Russian restaurant named, “Bolhach”. Two men at a table can be heard saying, “showdown” before five cards are seen spread out before them but then, a bottle is lifted into the air…

Scan 2

Not much else apart from the screenshots showing Kirihito helping Odoroki out in his first court case. There’s also some screens of Phoenix Wright 2 for the DS coming out in Japan on 26th October… Maybe this will have an English language option too?

AA4 is due for a 2007 spring release.


2 Responses

  1. “Maybe this will have an English language option too?”
    Yes, it will

  2. Good news for importers then since they can have both versions of the game in one :D

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