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Wii Console Preview, More Launch Details and Videos!

Held at the International Convention Complex in Chiba Japan, The “Nintendo Wii Preview” conference reveals a great deal of information about the console.

Wii Console

Currently, the console is set a price of 25,000 Yen (113 / 167) and will be released on the 2nd December in Japan. The New York Times newspaper claim that the USA will get it earlier for US$250 on November 19th. Europeans can get it for 179 (249) on December 8th.

Contents of the package include:

  • Wii console x1
  • Wii remote (with attached strap) x1
  • Nunchuk (extended controller) x1
  • Wii AC adapter x1
  • Dedicated stand for the Wii console x1
  • A support base for the Wii x1
  • AV cable x1
  • Sensor bar x1
  • Sendor bar stand x1
  • AA batteries x2

Input and interface options are:

  • USB 2.0 x2
  • SD Card Slot x1
  • Gamecube Control Port x4
  • Gamecube Memory Card Slot x2
  • Multi Output AV port x1
  • Sensor bar port x1

The machine also contains 512MB of flash memory and makes use of the Opera browser.

Wii Remote

Wii Remote

Making use of a motion sensor and Bluetooth, you will be able to perform 3 different motions with the remote. It has its own power switch, A/B buttons, D-Pad, Minus/Home/Plus and ‘1’/’2′ buttons.


Wii Nunchuk


Like the remote, it allows you to perform 3 motions and is connected via a link cable. It has a control stick and C/Z buttons.

Classic Controller

Classic Controller

Sold separately, this has all the buttons of the SNES controller as well as the new Wii buttons. It doesn’t support motion sensor, though.

Wii Connect 24

This is a messaging service that works with mobiles, PCs, other Wiis and other supported software.

Wii Connect 24

Wii Channels

Wii Channels

Just like how the DS has its own internal Pictochat software, the Wii will also sport a selection of its own software known as “Channels”.

Disk Drive Channel
You access your games from here.

Photo Channel
Allows you to read pictures from SD cards and lets you edit them.

Photo Channel

Portrait Channel
Allows you to create a “Mii” picture of yourself which can be stored on the remote so that you can bring it over to your friends house too. If a software title supports it, you

Portrait Channel

Weather Channel
Makes use of the internet and the region setting on the Wii to report the weather forecast in your area.

Weather Channel

News Channel
Again, making use of the internet, you can view the latest news. You can dynamically change the text size and find out where the news is coming from on a world map.

Internet Channel
Browse the internet on your TV set using the Opera browser which will have support for Adobe’s Flash plugin. At the moment this channel will be sold online but you can download it for free at the end of July 2007.

Shopping Channel
Online shopping via the Wii which is also where you will be able to purchase and download retro game titles.

Virtual Console
There are a total over 60 retro titles that you’ll be able to play from the NES, PC Engine, SNES, Mega Drive, N64 and MSX. Examples of the prices are Famicom 500 Yen, Super Famicom 800 Yen, Nintendo 64 1000 Yen.

Virtual Console Games

16 Launch Titles
Currently the following titles have been confirmed for launch in Japan:

Chou Shittou Caduceus NEO (Working Title)
Super Monkey Ball: Ukiuki Party Daishuugo
SD Gundam Revolution (Working Title)
Tamagotchi no Pikapika Daitouryou!
Hajimete no Wii

Machi Kuru, Domino (Working Title)


Swing Golf: Pangya

Ball Gorogashi Meiro Game: Kororinba

Midori Hi no Tatsujin

Red Steel

Odoru Made in Wario

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Wii Sports

There are more images on the official Japanese Wii website so go there and have a browse around!


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