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Interview with Pokemon Father, Tsunekazu Ishihara

The September 15th 2006 issue of Famitsu Weekly features an interview about the upcoming Pokemon Diamond and Pearl with former Company Director of Creatures, Tsunekazu Ishihara (????). Ishihara is also known as the father of the Pokemon series who now works with Satoshi Tajiri (???) from Game Freaks.

Tsunekazu Ishihara

The “Ultimate” Pokemon Compilation.

– We are now drawing close to September 28th when the latest “Diamond” and “Pearl” versions of the Pokemon series will be on sale. How do you feel as the father who raised this series, Mr. Ishihara?


It’s been 2 years since Pokemon Emerald went on sale and if we go further back to what that game was based on, the Ruby and Sapphire versions, it will be 4 years. I’m sure the wait for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl will be worthwhile for the anticipated fans. I can also confidently say that even those who played the very first Red and Green versions and, those that are playing the Pokemon games for the first time will find themselves saying that these two titles will are the “ultimate” Pokemon games yet.

– Could you tell us specifically what sort of goal these two “ultimate” Pokemon titles are aiming for?


I want to create a “compilation” on the Nintendo DS out of all the Pokemon titles released so far. Compared to the Red and Green versions, there are a greater number of Pokemon appearing in these new titles so I want people to be able to collect them all. Red and Green had 151 Pokemon while in Gold and Silver 100 more were added and following that, Ruby and Sapphire ended up with more than 380 different Pokemon. This time I’m planning to include even more Pokemon in these new titles. Starting out with new Pokemon, you’ll be able to give old Pokemon a variety of evolutions by using the wireless link feature a lot. One moment you might be wondering, “Can this one evolve?” but then the next moment you’ll find yourself surprised and saying, “So that’s how you evolve it!” You’ll be able to port Pokemon that you’ve gotten familiar with and liked from previous titles but yet, still be able to see something new for the first time. You can gather all the Pokemon you’ve collected and raised long ago and relive your memories with them in Diamond and Pearl. That’s what I meant when I said I wanted to build a “compilation”. But I’d also like everyone to enjoy evolving all the new Pokemon too.?

– It won’t just be players who’ll be bringing their previous Pokemon over that’ll play this game but, there may also be players wholl start off with Diamond and Pearl before they go back to the older titles too, am I right?


Yes. One of the special points behind the Pokemon series is that they’re games that are easy even for the beginner to play. Taking the expanded versions of Red and Green, “Fire Red” and “Leaf Green”, we can see how people playing those games for the first time still managed to get completely engrossed in the game world as they played. These two new titles (Diamond and Pearl) will contain the elements that both kinds of players will be able to enjoy and will not only enclose features of the Pokemon world but also many other things.

Read the full interview at Gamebrink.com!


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