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Pokemon Diamond / Pearl Adventure Guide Book

The October issue of the Corocoro monthly Manga magazine (yes, the one that Doraemon is always reading) comes with a small booklet that tells you all about the upcoming Pokemon DP games. You can tell the game is going to be big with the amount of Wi-Fi content in it.

Scan 1

Scan 2

Heading out from Futaba Town with his/her friend, our protagonist goes to a nearby lake in search of some rare Pokemon but instead, they are caught in a pinch! By chance, they come across a bag and inside it, they find 3 Pokeballs; Naetoru (Grass Type), Hikosaru (Fire Type) and Pocchama (Water Type). They are forced to choose one to help them out in battle! Later, it turns out the bag belongs to Professor Nanakamado who had forgotten it and left it behind. Now the characters must set out to Masago Town to return it to him!

Scan 3

In your adventures, you will be battling with the Ginga Dan (Galaxy Squad) lead by Mars as well as gym leaders. One of the leaders is from Kurogane City, Hyouta who looks as if he’ll be using rock type Pokemon by the way he’s dressed. Badges are available from them as from previous games.

Scan 4

Here are some of the new Pokemon you’ll meet during the first half of the game; Koroboushi, Korinku, Spommy, Mukkuru, Bippa, Pinpuku. Then along the bottom of the two pages are the ones that have been confirmed so far; Gonbe, Manyuura, Rozureido, Erekiburu, Dorabion.

Scan 5

In the small box you can see two new types of Pokeballs, a Heal Ball and a Dark Ball. The Dark Ball makes it easier to catch Pokemon in dark places while the Heal Ball heals Pokemon that you capture. More Pokemon you can meet during the early stages of the game are Zugaidozu, Tatetopusu, Minomucchi, Masukippa. More confirmed ones along the bottom are Pachirisu, Perappu, Tamasota, Cherim, Usohachi and Manene.

Scan 6

Now for the big features of these latest Pokemon titles for the DS – support for Wi-Fi and wireless link.

    With the wireless link, you can:

  • Trade, greet, draw pictures, record, chat and have versus battles in the Union Room.
  • You can have a 2 or 4 player VS match in the Club Colosseum.
  • Play capture the flag and set traps in the underground passageways.
  • Have Super Contests.
  • Make Pofins.
  • And have tournaments in the Battle Tower.
    With Wi-Fi you can:

  • Voice chat, VS match, trade and take notes with players registered in your FC list.
  • Without FCs, you can trade using the Global Trading Station and battle with other players at the Battle Tower.

Scan 7

(A) Here are the activities in the Union Room where you can battle with up to 4 other players and draw pictures.

(B) Capture the flag and contests.

(C) Make use of Wi-Fi to communicate with long distance friends.

(D) The Global Trading Station and Battle Tower Wi-Fi Room.

On the left page you can see more about the Wi-Fi room such as the record feature that allows you to share info with up to 4 other players.

In the Colosseum 1v1 battles gives you the options of having a single battle, double battle or a mixed battle. Single battles mean you can battle it out with one selected Pokemon while double means you can use two. Mixed battle selects one out of 3 chosen Pokemon.

With 4 player battles, each player can only have 2 Pokemon and must work as a team to win!

Scan 8

Here is the capture the flag game where you must have to run over to the other player’s secret room, grab the flag then run back to your own room with it while protecting your own flag at the same time.

The left page shows more of the mini games which were covered by the GameWatch article a while back; the fossil collecting, contests and cooking.

Scan 9

On the right, there are screens of the Pokemon Wi-Fi Club in action where you can view a record of all the friends you’ve played with so far as well as use voice chat and trade. To the bottom is the Geonet system that allows you to view where your friend is. Of course, this is currently only limited to Japan but, I’m sure it only asks you for your location at the start of the game like in Boktai.

On the left page is the Global Trading Stations which you can use to trade Pokemon with anonymous players and a screen of the Battle Tower.

And… Once the overseas version is out, you’ll be playing with people all over the world.

Scan 10

Here’s Diaruga, a Time Pokemon of the Metal/Dragon type. Parukia is a dimensional Pokemon that’s of the Water/Dragon type.

As revealed before, you can import Pokemon from your old GBA games too by trying to capture them at the Pal Park. Titles supported include Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby, Fire Red, Leaf Green.

Of course, you’ll have your very own Pokedex to record the data of all the Pokemon you come across in the new Shinou region.

Scan 11

Yes, a prize draw to give away a limited edition black DSL to 10 lucky winners. The DSL is also sold in Pokemon Centres across Japan to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

An official fan book is also available for purchase on the release day of the two games.

Scan 12

Scan 13

Scan 14

This official fanbook includes a 3D art board, dress up stickers and a special posters as well as lots of information about related trading cards, goods and Anime etc.


2 Responses

  1. Do you know if the new info happens to mention anything about having double battles with up to four people online?

  2. Yeah, double battle just means a player can pick two Pokemon.

    When 4 players are playing together, the “double battle” rule is used. Players are split into 2 teams and each player will be able to pick 2 different Pokemon sending one out at a time like in the screenshot.

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