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Kirby: Sanjou Drecche Dan, It All Began with Short Cake…

Kirby is back in his second game for the DS! “???????????????” or “Kirby Squeak Squad” offers some good old platforming action again. It all begins with Kirby about to eat his short cake when it suddenly disappears before him. As he runs off to retrieve it from the thief, he comes across the Drecche Squad who is out to steal the treasures of the world and it’s up to Kirby to stop them!


Here, we have the Drecche Squad consisting of Drecche the leader, Spin, Stolen, Doc and the Thulins. Kirby makes an appearance with powers both old and new to help him out such as animal, beam, fighter, angel, magic, cutter and parasol.

The new game is set to go on sale on November 2nd with wireless link support.


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