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Custom Robo Rumble, Aim to be the Top Commander

In the near future, a high tech hobby known as “Custom Robo” is very popular. This action RPG allows you to customise over 50 different robots with more than 150 different parts. Shown in the scan, you can customise the 5 different parts of a robot; the pod, bomb, gun, body and legs.

Players who control the robots in this game are known as “Commanders”.


Not only will you be able to use your robots in battle but, you can store them all in Georamas for display! By matching the theme of the Georamas and giving them some poses, you can create some pretty dramatic looking scenes.

The cast of characters will be…

Main Character
The nameless male protagonist who has just moved school and a beginner at Custom Robo. Owning a highly advanced “Ray MKIII”, his talent for the hobby begins to show.

A boy with a kind personality who is a member of the “Team No. 1” Custom Robo club in the new school.

Also a member of the Team No. 1 Club. She herself doesn’t control any of the robots but helps as a second commander during battles.

A rival from another school who has some good skill as a commander.

A member of an opposing club who is in the same school as Team No. 1 and he is prepared to challenge the main characters!

The game is due out on October 19th in Japan while an English version known as “Custom Robo Arena” is yet TBA.


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