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Black Jack: Hi no Tori Hen, Manga to Operation Adventure Game

“Black Jack” is a Manga done by Osamu Tetzuka (famous for Atom Boy) that was released to mark his 30 years of work and is about an unlicensed doctor named “Black Jack” going about healing people.


Visuals are presented in the classic Manga style while the game itself will feature operations where you make use of both the mic and the stylus.

What happens during operation scenes is there will be a timer and a vitality meter just like in Trauma Centre. As the Manga panels play on, you must use your stylus to tap on the icons of operation tools Black Jack asks for. Fail to do so then the vitality will go down. There are also mini games you get to play through such as the one shown here with the wolf (?).

Screen 1 Screen 2

A certain sum of money is rewarded after each operation and you will have to use this to buy the items you need to prepare for the next one. Not all operations give you money so you’ll have to use it wisely. Also, you will be going around gathering information from various people.

Screen 3 Screen 4

Game is due for release on November 9th from Sega.


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