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Sim City DS More Than Just a Sim City 3000 Port?

There’s still an advisor to give you advice over decisions but now instead of getting scrolling messages, residents will come to your office to personally make complaints. However, the aim of the advisor is to make the game easier to play.

As you would expect, you will be making use of the touch screen to play the game. EA Japan has decided to add in some mini games to this DS port.


For modes, there’s…

Build a New City
The main mode where there will be a tutorial available for those new to the game.

Save the City!
The mission type scenarios that every Sim City game has. For this version of the game, scenarios will take place in Japan obviously in cities such as Kantou and Toukai.

Mayor’s Room
This is where you can view your collection of landmarks and buildings that you unlock as you play through the game..

Contact Other City!
This is a wireless link mode which allows you to send messages to a friend once you’ve built a certain building in your city. You can also trade landmark buildings.

Sim City DS (working title) is scheduled for a release sometime in winter.


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