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Yuu Yuu Hakusho DS, Touch Screen Boss Battles

Here’s two of the bosses you’ll be fighting in ????DS ?????? (Yuu Yuu Hakusho DS: Ankoku Bujutsukai Hen) from Takara Tomy. You can see that you will have to use the touch screen to rub the squares when Yuusuke and Kuwabara use their specials.

Scan 1

While fighting Seiryuu, the one who controls ice and fought Hiei, you have to tap at the squares that pop on screen to hit him. As for the fiery Suzaku, you have to remember the order each of his shadows glow in then, repeat the order by tapping the screen.

Hmmm… A proper RPG or beat-em-up would have been more fun. The Anime series was great to watch a while back, long before broadband or even dial-up internet was so common :P


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