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Remindelight, Battle Info and Events

Jump into the well that leads to the World of Misfortune then “purify” it by helping those who have their books stolen from them!

Scan 1

By fulfilling certain conditions, you’ll be able to execute specials by performing some combo attacks such as the one shown here. Drawing two diagonal lines performed the “Cross Slash” special move on the monster. Monsters will try to defend your attacks so you will have to find an opening to attack using these moves.

Depending on the way you use your stylus, different effects are applied to your attacks. The first one “Slash” (drawing a diagonal line upwards) strengthens your weapon with magic so that you can attack monsters that are immune to pure physical attacks. This is followed by “Thrust” which attacking a monster’s weakness, “Surround” that boosts the character’s attack/defence power and finally, confusing your enemy by blowing into the mic. Other status effects can also take place when using the mic.


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