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FFIII Sells 5 Hundred Thousand Copies Since Launch

According to Enterbrain’s weekly data, the FFIII remake has sold near 500,000 copies since Thursday coming close to the success of the New Super Mario Bros. game.

FFIII Box Art, JP Version

All 10,000 limited edition packages of the game and Crystal Edition DS Lite were also sold out completely on the day of launch.

Good to see the game doing so well over in Japan! It’s a great game with all the jobs you can choose from along with some great music but, there’s just some slight problem with the extra side quests.

Anyway, I hope they don’t do anything to the cover art for the European version!


4 Responses

  1. “but, theres just some slight problem with the extra side quests.”

    Uh oh, what problem? :(

  2. but, theres just some slight problem with the extra side quests.
    Damnit x_comp don’t you have wifi router? I need me Onion Knights!

  3. The game forces you to make use of Mognet to mail other human players, limiting you to 1 message per real time hour. Without sending these messages via wireless link or WFC, you can\’t unlock the side quests.

    Mognet\’s pretty much a redundant feature in my opinion with the limits they have imposed on it. If it was set to work with NPCs only then, that might have worked out.

  4. Nooo! There’s an Orc on my blog! :O

    J/K! Thanks for dropping by ;)

    My FC for FFIII is 3909-1878-3551.

    Another problem with Mognet is the first time you want to send mail to a new friend, you must both be online at the same time. I guess that prevents people from abusing FCs but, still…

    Anyway, I’m in UK, BST (GMT +1) if you want to arrange a time. Then you can just spam away at messages until you get your Onion Knights.

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