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JSS “Evolves” into Jump Ultimate Stars

Not much details have been given about the new features in this upcoming sequel to the popular “Jump Super Stars” (JSS) yet but, in the first panel under the logo, we can see a “Leader” logo in one of the Manga spaces.

Apart from that, the panels to the left side shows us just how heated battles can get for those who have yet to play JSS and how each character have one of the three elements, Power (?), Wisdom (?) or Laughter (?). Of course, there will be a new selection of moves and stages too.

Scan 1

The bottom panel again, shows newcomers to JSS how you can create your own deck of columns from your favourite Shounen Jump Mangas and fight using a large variety of characters and moves.

After reflecting on the questionaires that were filled out a while back, the total number of cards available comes to more than 100,000 and contains more than 40 chosen titles.

Scan 2

And yes, you see the Wi-Fi logo which means you can now battle with players from all over Japan.

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