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Chou Soujuu Mecha MG, Travel the World

There are over 100 different missions for you to do such as transporting items, destroying buildings and defeating enemies using these giant touchscreen controlled MGs. Each MG will have one of the over 50 different cockpits which you can see a few here.

Scan 1

Characters include the generic protagonist, a 13 year old boy, Kei the boy’s father who aims to be a Mecha engineer, Garoy the owner of the workshop and Anne Marie an elite pilot of the MGs.

Players will be able to travel around the map to places encountering mysterious unmanned MG battles as well as the missions themselves.

Apart from the known missions introduced earlier, one of the newer “missions” revealed in the latest scan below is the martial arts tournament where you must prepare yourself to fight other MG pilots.

Scan 2

As you clear missions, you earn various amounts of money as a reward. You can then purchase new parts to strengthen your MG from the parts shop or, purchase a whole new MG from the MG workshop.


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