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Sangokushi Taisen, Card Types & Characters

Here we can see that there will be 6 types of unit cards that you can make use of. Calvary can move far and suppress the enemy with their speed. Bowmen can shoot from range and safety. Siege troops have low movement speed but can inflict great damage on fortresses. Pikemen can move fast to intercept calvary. Swordsmen have balanced attributes and finally, elephants send any enemies in range flying.

Scan 1

Liu Bei and Sun Quan will be two of the historical characters available to use their specials known as “Keiryakus”. To use such specials, players must wait until a morale gauge reaches the required level. Once the special is activated, a movie will be shown. Every military commander wil have their own special such as killing enemies within a large range or, healing their own troops.

Scan 2

There will also be EX cards on the DS title that can be used at the Sangokushi Taisen arcade machines.

Source: Famitsu Scans by “Neo2046” from NeoGaf
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