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Boktai DS, Moon & Sun Power

Latest Famitsu scans reveal that Sabata will be making a return in this new Boktai title and just like Django, he will have a whole new appearance, fighting with a sword. While Django makes use of sunlight, Sabata will be making use of moonlight.

As the two characters take damage from enemies, a damage gauge will fill up and once this is full, both of them will be able to transform into Sol Django and Dark Sabata respectively.

Scan 1

The article also reveals that the two can cooperate in the game with the player switching between the two characters in a certain part of the game. Also unveiled are some of the new weapons available for Django such as the machine gun Ninja, the homing missile launcher Witch and the grenade launching Bomber.

Scan 2

On the other hand, Sabata has melee type weapons which are the Hell Scythe, the Jormungand Spear and the Varnagand Sword.

Source: Famitsu Scans by “Neo2046” from NeoGaf
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