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A 35 Year Old Man Desperate to Reach Paradise

And it’s just a week before the game gets released on Saturday. Famitsu’s been revealing more about what’s involved in the game.

Scan 1

Here the Ferry Z is revealed as Tingle travels to the desert where he spots a group of Chameleons. Maybe he can make some Rupees from them? After making his tower grow by throwing more Rupees into the spring, Tingle jumps off the top with a balloon on his back to reach further away place for more ways of making Rupees.

Scan 2

Tingle hires a bodyguard with him to enter the pirate’s den to snatch treasure and pays for help to get thawed out of the snow plains when he goes there to hunt for rare goods. Tingle continues into the forests to search for more goods but, when he sees a strange board standing around, he puts his face into it. Looks like his hired bodyguard doesn’t like his employer now. Then there is the poisonous caves and swamps. Who could the doggy, Wangle be?

Scan 3

A punchout (?) match with a big skeleton boss is one of the many ways you can fight enemies in the game. Then there’s also floating around, hanging on balloons and throwing bombs at the boss to earn big fortunes. And can you convince a bodyguard to join you?

Scan 4

And for Zelda fans, there will be several parodies from parts of the game such as the Triforce scratch card game. Scratch the panels and if you find a Triforce then you will win Rupees.

Scan 5

Finally, Famitsu tells of how it’s been 6 years since Tingle’s debut in the Zelda games. Maybe you’ll remember him from these games.

Scan 6

Source: Famitsu Scans by “Neo2046” from NeoGaf
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