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V-Jump Reveals Secret FFIII Info

It’s just over 7 days before the ??? (greatly anticipated) game FFIII is released in Japan.

Meanwhile, V-Jump has decided to do a special in revealing some “secret” information including rumours about the strongest job there is…

Note there might be tiny spoilers about the story.

V-Jump Scan
Full size scan 1201 x 1277, 361KB

1. ?????? (Tamanegi Kenshi / “Onion Knight”) the strongest class!

That’s right! The “Onion Knight” class is back and they’re much stronger than they look in this remake! Although the Onion Knight was one of the earlier classes you could take up in the original game, this time it is a hidden, unlockable class. It’s hinted that you can unlock it if you collect the set of Illusional Onion Gear. In the screenshot, it shows how the Onion Knights can “one hit kill” a powerful dragon (depending on level).

2. The two key characters, Unei and Doga.

Appearing in the second half of the game, these two disciples of the Great Mage Noah, are the ones who know the secrets of the world and who the true enemy is. Who is this Zande and what does Doga mean by the true form of the world?

While Doga posesses great magical power, Unei possesses the power of the dream world. Sleeping for over a millennium and watching over the dream world, Luneth and his friends must find a way to wake him. After waking him up, the path to a giant ship is opened.

8/24, Your Trip into the Unknown World…

Lastly, V-Jump states there will also be many new events that weren’t in the original game as well as a new crystal and dungeon.


3 Responses

  1. Actually, the Onion Knight class (as well as the Onion equipment) is also in the original Famicom release. It’s the most powerful class too.

  2. Hmmm, that’s what I wrote, “the Onion Knight was one of the earlier classes you could take up in the original game.”

    I don’t know if it’s the most powerful class or not, though since I never played the original.

  3. it was the freelancer class of FFV but extremely strong if obtained the onion equipment which is obtained in the final dungeon

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