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Dragon Quest Monster Types

V-Jump introduces the lineage of monsters you can tame in the new Dragon Quest title for the DS. With over 200 different monsters, each of them are split into a lineage with their own special attributes.

V-Jump Scan
Full size scan 2599 x 1832, 813KB

The familiar characters of the Dragon Quest series.

Good at attacking all enemies with its fiery breathe and is strong against fire attacks.

Objects that had a soul of its own and which have now turned into demons. They come in many forms.

Casting spells, it has excellent attack power. A monster that is suited for many situations.

A type born from mother nature. Besides animals, they can also take the form of insects and plants.

The “immortals” that are weak to sacred magic.

Joining our protagonist in his adventures is Spedio, a special creature that belongs to the “Beast of the Heavens” lineage. The box in the top left hints how the protagonist meets Spedio after finding an ancient stone in his travels.

Finally, the article also introduces the seven “Grandes Boule Islands” where the story takes place. Players will be able to travel between island on a high speed water bike and battle against other players around the world by joining the “Battle GP” on the island of Alkapolis. A starting point for the game maybe the island of Nobis smaller monsters such as that of the Slime lineage dwell.


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