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Rune Factory, Shin Bokujou Monogatari

Besides FFIII being released soon on August 24th, ??????????????? from Marvelous Interactive will also be released that day. Basically it’s “Harvest Moon with monsters” and those who pre-order the game will get a 64 page, B5 sized “Prologue Guide” book with it featuring an original comic, concept art, character profiles etc.

Scan 1
Full size scan 1280 x 1708, 910KB

One day, a traveler named Ragna is found unconcious on the outskirts of town. A young girl named Mist finds him and helps him back to the small, lush green village of “Kardia” where he begins his life of cultivation. Helping the townspeople cultivate the land and exploring dungeons, Ragna aims to find out who he once was.

Scan 2
Full size scan 1280 x 1708, 1094KB

Apart from the usual farming activities you’ll expect to find in Harvest Moon games, you can also capture monsters and breed them on the farm. Depending on the type of the monster you capture, you will gain different types of goods from it such as milk or its fur coat.

It is also important that you interact with the cast of villagers in Kardia. Depending on your actions, your relationship with them may grow better and they’ll start revealing bits of information you want. There are also 8 different girls of who you can eventually marry if you work on your friendship with them.

Scan 3
Full size scan 1280 x 1708, 980KB

As you go about your everyday activities, you will become better at what you do most as the skill system records your progress. Gaining a high skill level in skills such as blacksmithing, fishing or cooking will trigger various events and also allow you to make some special items.

Players can also work on expanding their home just like in Harvest Moon, buying furniture to decorate it.

As mentioned earlier, apart from obtaining certain produce from the monsters you capture, you can also assign to them to work on the farm for you if you tame them enough. Ragna can make use of different weapons, each having their own special attack. Dungeons can only be accessed after fulfilling certain conditions and a boss awaits inside the deepest part of the maps.

Scan 4
Full size scan 1280 x 1708, 1007KB

Scan 5
Full size scan 1280 x 1708, 1027KB

Scan 6
Full size scan 1280 x 1708, 1001KB

Scan 7
Full size scan 1280 x 1708, 1064KB

Source: Scans by “Neo2046” from NeoGAF.
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