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Brain Age Sells 4 Million Copies Worldwide

Professor Ryuuta Kawashima

The title, aimed at keeping your mind sharp through a number of simple exercises, continues to reign at number one in the DS charts everywhere. The “brain training” boom continues in Japan with a large number of titles following the same genre lined up for release. All with their own “professors” backing up the titles no less.

Since being released back in May 2005, Brain Age (or “How Old is Your Brain?” in Europe) has sold 6 hundred thousand copies in America, 5 hundred thousand in Europe and 3 million in Japan.

Well done to Nintendo and I applaud them for always trying something new. Mind you, it’s not hard to obtain the optimum age rating of 20 in Brain Age. Who knows if Brain Age 2 will ever reach Western shores with its large number of tests being Japanese language based.

Source: Nintendo Inside
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