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The World of “Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE” Online

Megaten Logo

The new MMORPG from Atlus based on their popular “Shin Megami Tensei” series is set for a beta test this winter. Today they release some more concept art and screenshots of the environments players will be exploring.

The story itself is set in the 2X century where those who survived the Great Disaster are forced to build shelters to live in. However, thanks to the guidance of “The Seven Sages”, they build a huge structure known as the “Shinjuku Babel”. Demons however, still roam the surrounding areas striking fear into the hears of humans. In this world where people are stuck between life and death, humans are forced to find a way of dealing with them. Obtaining a program to summon demons themselves, fighters known as the Devil Busters go out into the battle…

I haven’t really touched anything PC games related since deciding to buy a DS but, the artwork got me interested in this article. Not to mention the Megaten games are fun to play themselves.

Hope they make a title for the DS too!

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The Third Home

Many lost their homes after the Great Destruction in Tokyo and, fearing attacks from the demons, people built underground shelters in various places. These shelters soon prospered and were given the name “home” as they provided the same functions as their original homes on the surface. Players who will be playing as Devil Busters will be taking their first step into an era where “Suginami: The Third Home” is expanding.

In Suginami will be virtual facilities, providing “Virtual Rooms” to develop the Devil Busters. In the Virtual Rooms, players will be able to train themselves by fighting demons in a simulated cyberspace. Newbie Devil Busters will first receive training from Instructor “Snakeman” before they are tested and receive their “DB License.”

Shinjuku Babel

A building constructed in Shinjuku after the Great Destruction, marking the “Tokyo Revival Project” which was once lead by seven sages. “Shinjuku Babel” has a radius of 400 metres and is 3000 metres high. Inside, residences and other facilities are being adminstrated.

The exterior of the building has been completed but, the interior is still in construction so people can move into one area at the moment. This is the most prospering and lively place since the Great Destruction in Tokyo.

Inside, a Devil Busters Facility is also being started, managed by the “Devil Busters Institute”. Those who possess a “DB license” are permitted to enter the Central Control Room where they can get orders from the Commanding Officer, The “Emotionless” Chief Yamamoto.

There is also a dock facility used to expand Shinjuku Babel underground. With the work on the surface overshadowing the facility, the area has since been abandoned and is now a dwelling place for demons.


3 mysterious Obelisks have suddenly appeared in Nakano, Ichigaya and Shibuya. A strange power from them causes changes in the environments and the earth’s crust. Many have witnessed demons in the areas.

In the area near the Nakano Obelisk, the environment was being changed into a dense forest at a rapid rate while in Ichigaya, magma is spouting out from the ground. As for the Shibuya area, mysterious crystals are appearing here and there while buildings and other objects are being turned to stone.

Source: Dengeki
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